Flu Shots, The Circus, and Goofy Photos

Hey Famiglia!

This week the calls did indeed come!  So…  Anziano Bahmer will be leaving!  I will be getting Anziano Blair as my new companion!!  I believe he’s from South Carolina, but I don’t know where and what his first name is… Sorry!  Next week!  Anziano Bahmer is going to Pozzuoli.

Anyways, we’ve all gotta go get flu shots this week as missionaries… Ugh.  I guess there’s a nasty Ebola virus floating around.  This last week was a little bit of a tough one.  We did a lot of finding (as per usual…) and contacted a lot of people.  We did however run into a couple from St. George, Utah!  The guy served here 38 years ago in Brindisi and was back on vacation here in Italy.

This week is going to be crazy with all these transfers, plus we have zone conference next Monday.  I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to e-mail Monday; it might be Tuesday… I don’t know.  So if you don’t hear from me, don’t worry!

I’m sorry if this e-mail is really short and not informative because today’s e-mail is super hectic.  Everyone seems to want to e-mail right now…  Sheesh.

Last night while we were doing some street contacting, the circus came to town… And they did a massive preview of their shows that will be coming up.  There were some cool jugglers and little acts going on all over the place.  It was actually really cool to see.

I hope things are going well at home!  I’m sorry to hear about the lowly Cougars’ losing streak.  Hopefully they can pull it together!  At least basketball should be a fun season!  I’m sure they won’t do half bad!

Well, nothing too exciting happened last week.  It was another week of patience and trials!  We’re working hard though, and that’s what is important!

This morning I was studying about the Restoration again.  I really enjoy studying the reformers and how the world really was set up just right for everything to fall into place.  The background history is really interesting to me!

Have a great week!  Ciao!
Anziano Jones

Craig didn’t say a word about the photos he sent this week, but it looks like he and Anziano Bahmer had some fun goofing around on P-day.

Elders Maxwell, Kelley, and Bahmer

This appears to be the English class that the missionaries teach.  I think Craig looks cute in that sweater, but I wish I knew the story behind the guy wearing the dunce cap.  Click photo for a larger view.


2 thoughts on “Flu Shots, The Circus, and Goofy Photos

  1. Ciao Anciano Jones,
    I just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog posts. I joined the Church in 1979 in Milwaukee and served a mission 15 months later. I was hoping to be called to Italy to reconnect with my father’s side (who came from Naso, Sicilia). But alas, instead I was banished to Idaho for 2 years (and changed over to Spanish-speaking when I arrived in the mission field). Reading your blog helps me to envision what it might have been like for me to have been called to Italy. I hope to get there someday and visit my relatives in Naso.
    Ci Vediamo,
    Jeff Pizzino

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