A New Companion in Brindisi

Hey Famiglia!

So before I forget, Anziano Blair’s name is Rex Blair.  He’s from Baltimore, Maryland.  He got here last…  Friday I believe.  The 31st I think it was.  And by the way, I really like him!  He’s a really cool guy.  We’re going to have an awesome transfer together (hopefully 2)!  We clicked right away!

Zone conference was super great this time around.  President Waddoups shared some really great stuff with us.  He gave us some really cool new insights on the white missionary handbook.  Today we went to Lecce for our late P-day.  Most of the pics will be from Lecce, but two will be from the Halloween party we had, and the others are from zone conference.  They should be easy enough to tell apart.  You’ll notice that I’m sporting a super cool new Jones soccer jersey.  He played on the US world cup team this year.  I thought he had a good name!  And the jersey is really cool. 🙂

We had a SUPER fun Halloween Party with our English course and our branch members.  We invested a good amount of time decorating the room and such.  It turned out really well though.  I’m glad we did it because we had a lot of people there, and it was integrated with the rest of the members of our branch.  It turns out a lot of our super heavy duty practicing Catholic members in our English course didn’t come because they aren’t really into the whole Halloween thing.  Hopefully they didn’t get offended. 🙂

I’m glad the postcard made it! 🙂  I always feel bad because I don’t send too many handwritten letters in the mail!  I’m also super happy to hear about the Cougars pulling out some wins!  Finally.  I’m super excited to hear about basketball!  Also, thanks for the bio Dab!

Well, as for a little spiritual add-in, I really enjoyed reading King Lamoni’s father’s conversion.  I thought his line, “I will give away all my sins to know thee,” was a pretty awesome moment.  And then to see the results.  I’ve reached just a little past that point in the Book of Mormon this time around.

Well, that’s about it for this week! 🙂  It should be a fun one.  Thanks for the updates!  I’ll see if I spot some shoes soon.  These ones I’ve got have been holding on well.

Anziano Jones

These first three pictures were taken at the Halloween party that was held for the students in the English course and for the members of the branch.

These next three pictures are from Sister Waddoups’ blog and were taken at the Bari Zone Conference yesterday.  Craig is in the middle of the second row.  Click photo for a larger view.

Craig and his new companion, Anziano Blair.

Craig with another elder.

These next three pictures are selfies that were taken by Craig at zone conference. That’s Anziano Robison on the left.

Anziano Sorgiacamo is next to Craig and Anziano Kennedy is on the far right.

That’s Anziano Tanner on the left.

And there’s the new jersey!

I think Craig looks like he’s getting skinnier.

The rest of these pictures were taken today when Craig and Anziano Blair went to Lecce for P-day.  Here, they are waiting for the train at the Brindisi train station.

Craig in Lecce

I think Craig is even cute when he’s being a goofball.


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