Mozzarella Balls and a Snake Man

Hey Famiglia!

This week was nothing out of the ordinary except it has been raining all the time…  The members tell us that it’s going to continue on like this too!!  Darn it.  We’ve been having some good successes finding though.  We just need to start having some of those investigators finally commit to coming to church and start making some progress!  Some of them are quite stubborn this time around.

We went to Fasano this week and had a nice member appointment with a family named the Arcaros.  They fed us some REALLY good mozzarella balls. Yummy!  They are the only couple in our branch under the age of 65 or so… 🙂  It’s pretty interesting.  We also had stake conference, but it was broadcast by satellite to our building.  Saturday’s session was awful and froze every two seconds, but Sunday we managed to hear it.  We had to try and keep the peace among our members Saturday night…

Today I also had to FINALLY renew my permesso for Italy.  My last one was for 1 year, but it took them a while to get it to me when I was back in Caserta, so it finally expires the end of this month.

This week Anziano Blair fed me something new as well.  We basically mixed ground beef with a bunch of scrambled eggs.  What we did was cook and season the ground beef until it was about done, and then we cracked a bunch of eggs into it and cooked it all together and ate it on bread… Silly missionary meals!

We met a pretty cool couple last night while we were finding.  They help do festivals here in Italy.  The guy is a snake man.  He has a big boa constrictor and a big yellow python.  They were super interested about the Book of Mormon.  We’re going over on Friday to see the snakes and share some good news with them! 🙂  It should be quite the experience.  We’ll make sure he feeds them before we head over. 😉

One scripture that I really got a lot out of this week was D&C 8:2-3.  I took a lot of time thinking about it.  There are some really neat wordings in it, and overall it’s such a fantastic principle.  I love it lots.   I remember reading it in the MTC, and I liked it then, too.

This week should be really good though.  We’ve got a lot of great plans.  We’re looking forward to some good success together!  It’s definitely not been the easiest phase of my mission, but it’s still a good one.  Sorry if this isn’t the most informative e-mail.  I never did get a Halloween card… Sorry! 😦  [I sent Craig a Halloween card with a $20 bill in it, but it never made it.  We’ve been lucky with the letters and packages so far.  This is the first one I’m aware of that didn’t reach him.]  And I’ll work on getting that picture of us together!  [I asked Craig to get a picture of him and Anziano Blair together.]

President Eyring and Elder Perry will be coming to Rome next week to the Vatican to meet the Pope!  That should be interesting news to hear about!

It’ll be interesting to see who wins between the T-birds and Woods Cross!  That’s Anziano Busdicker’s high school.  He’ll be super anxious about that one!

Anyways, I’ll end it there for this week.  The pictures were all taken around Brindisi, and there are some of the mozzarella we had with the members.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

These first three pictures are of the mozzarella balls that Craig said were so yummy.  They do look delicious!

This picture was taken inside their apartment in Brindisi.  That’s Craig’s desk on the right.

The chapel in Brindisi.

These last two photos were also taken in Brindisi.


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