Harvesting Olives

Hey Famiglia!

Thanks for Serge’s referral!  [One of our neighbors in the ward has a relative who lives in Brindisi, and he wants Craig to go visit him.]  We’ll go get that checked out as soon as we can this week! 🙂  That’s exciting.  Sorry!  It’s tough to get a picture with your companion, so I’ll get one ASAP.  This week we went out and did service in some olive fields for one of our brothers from the branch.  It was fun, and the countryside was beautiful!

Other pictures are of us at some more countryside area.  We went to go visit Sister Jones from our branch, and she lives out in the countryside with absolutely awesome landscapes.  She made us… FRIED CHICKEN!!!! It was super good!  She’s so nice.  She’s from Texas, and that fried chicken was SO good.  I miss it so much!!

I can’t believe I’ll be hitting 6 months this week… Are you sure that’s right?? So most missionaries (at least in our mission) do something called “Six months to Sexy” where they work out EXTRA hard in the mornings so they can be super chiseled for when they go back home.  I’m officially starting AFTER the holidays…. No way I’d be able to keep it up for that long!  I’ll be starting on January 1st.  It’ll be more like a New Year’s resolution for me… 🙂 Obviously we work out anyway, but I’ll go harder later. 🙂  It’ll be more like 5 months.  I figure I still haven’t put on as much fat as a lot of missionaries do, so I can spare a month of it. 😉

[Since Craig enjoys his mission so much, I asked him if he thought he would be ready to come home when it’s time.]  As far as your question as to whether or not I’ll be ready to come home, I’m sure I’ll be ready by then.  I’ve actually toyed around with the idea of asking President about extending [I almost had a heart attack when I read that] and prayed about it too, but I don’t think it will be the right thing.  I’ve only heard of one missionary I know in the mission that’s planning on extending.  I LOVE this experience more than anything, but I think the time the Lord’s given me is perfect.  [Thank goodness!]

I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving!!  Gosh.  It turns out I like mashed potatoes and gravy after all.  Sister Jones made us some.  I never thought I’d admit that… [Craig had a bad experience with mashed potatoes about fifteen years ago when he was a little kid, and in all these years, I have never been able to get him to eat them again!  Thank you, Sister Jones! Gee, she even makes fried chicken, my all-time favorite food.  It sounds like she and I have a lot in common.] 

I’m super happy to hear that the Cougs AND Timpview won again!  I’m super excited about Timpview.  [Craig’s high school football team just won the Utah state championship again.]   There’s some other elders in the mission from Utah that like to talk about sports.  I also sent Dax an e-mail.  [Craig’s friend Dax, who is serving a mission in Russia (very close to where Makayla is from) had to come home for about six weeks for health reasons, but he is leaving for Russia today to finish his mission.]   That’s super awesome that he’s back!  We’ve e-mailed each other every now and then in the past.

That should be about it for now… We’ve been finding lots of awesome people recently.  We went to Lecce for exchanges that went really well this week, too.  Serge’s referral should be the icing on the cake for us! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!
Anziano Jones

The first half of these pictures were taken when the missionaries went to help harvest the olives.

To see a larger version of this panoramic photo, click on the picture.

Beginning with the photo above, the rest of the pictures on this post were taken when the missionaries went to the countryside to visit Sister Jones who made them the fried chicken dinner.


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