Hey Famiglia!

We finally got out to see the snake man who lives in Oria!! He was really cool. We touched his snakes!!! They were huge!! Super nasty. I had to do it though. Sheesh. They would be really, really cool investigators, but the problem is that it took a whole afternoon to get out there and visit them. If we had a car, it would be a different story. But unfortunately, the trains don’t go out there often and he lives pretty far away from the station. He is Damiano, the one who probably added me on Facebook.

We contacted Serge’s uncle! We actually had a no show appointment and used that time to walk out and try and get to his house. We ended up walking for over 3 hours in no man’s land of Brindisi and never made it out there. The problem is that there’s a bridge that is only for cars, and we couldn’t get across it on foot. So we ended up losing lots of time… We looked really good at the maps, and now I think we’ve found a way to get out there. So what we did was we ended up just calling him. He was really nice but was pretty confused as to why I was calling. In the end, he said he’d love to see us, but he’s Catholic, will never change, but is fine with chatting and being friends. 🙂 We’re hoping we can establish a good relationship and let the Spirit do the rest! 🙂 It was a great referral!

We had a really good Thanksgiving out here. We made raspberry lemonade for our English course students. They’d never had it before and really liked it. I had some turkey and mozzarella with some yummy crackers for lunch in honor of Thanksgiving. It was a nice break up from pasta every day. 🙂 I took a picture of it.

We also spent some time with an English course student again. He wanted to show us a little city called Monopoli, which is a little port city. Super pretty! He has come to church before and knows basically everything about the church, but for some reason doesn’t quite want to continue. He’s a really awesome guy too. Italy has lots of great people, but sometimes people just aren’t too interested in what we have to offer!

Today we’ll be going out to the mall. Oh! And thanks a TON for the birthday and Christmas goodies.  [In the package that I sent to Craig, there were some things that I told him to wait to open until December 1st.  One was an envelope with some money for him and his companion to go out for a meal on his birthday, and the other was a “Christmas in Italy” puzzle that I made for him.  He opens one piece of the puzzle and one piece of candy each day until Christmas, and the last piece of the puzzle tells him what his Christmas present is.]  I opened up the dining funds for me and Anziano Blair today, and have started the puzzle. I love doing it lots! 🙂 Thank you so much!   We may go buy a bunch of empanadas… There’s a little Argentinian booth that opened up down here in the city center where they’re selling empanadas. We’re both super tired of Italian food, but we can sure use some of that stuff!

I’m going to finish up my Christmas letters today hopefully and probably send them off tomorrow. I really hope they make it in time. I hope you like them too! They are on their way!

Well… That’s honestly about all I have going on… Not too much else. You’ll see one picture in the Brindisi folder that’s kind of zoomed in on a balcony. That one is our house. It will be the balcony kind of in the center, not the very top floor, but the one below it. Also there will be some paintings done by one on the brothers of our branch. He also painted the Rome temple! Sorry that the night pictures are generally super blurry. My camera isn’t super great at them. I’m not sure why. I try my best to hold it still, but the shutter speed is like 1 whole second. Hopefully you can touch them up! 🙂

That’s about it for now. Thanks a ton! And wish Mak a happy birthday from me!!! Sorry, I forgot to mention it last week. I didn’t get a card off either… Whoops! SORRY!!! We’ve had our hands full lately.

Anziano Jones

Craig’s Thanksgiving lunch.

As Craig, mentioned, his apartment is the center balcony one story down from the top floor.

These are the two pictures painted by a member of the branch in Brindisi.

The new temple in Rome as it will look when it is complete.

Craig’s companion, Anziano Blair, on the balcony of the member who painted the two pictures above.  I’m not sure what is in that basket, but it looks like it might be a clothesline and clothespins.

These next three pictures were all taken from the same balcony in Brindisi.

Anziano Blair holding one of the snakes.

Damiano (the snake man) holding the other snake.

I can see why Craig chose the smaller one to go around his neck.  This one looks a bit intimidating!

It’s funny how Craig looks like he’s enjoying this.

Cool turtles!

The next five pictures were taken while the elders were in Oria, which is where the snake man lives.

The rest of the pictures on this post were taken on the night the elders went with their English course student to Monopoli.

Craig with his English course student.


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