A Chocolate Festival

Hey Famiglia!

Just so you know… Anziano Blair and I will be staying together for another transfer!  I’m excited.  I really like him lots.  We have lots of fun together!  All the pics I took this week were in Brindisi. And there’s lots of chocolate because there was a big chocolate festival here, and there’s chocolate EVERYWHERE.  Today is a big holiday here in Brindisi, so all of our supermarkets are closed and everything… Bummer.

So we actually used the dinner money you gave us last Friday night.  I grabbed my camera to take pictures of us eating, but… IT WAS DEAD!!!! 😦 I’m sorry. I grabbed a couple of snapshots with the phone, but they’re terrible.  We went out and got 2 super gourmet pizzas.  I got the “Siciliana” with mozzarella (of buffalo), smoked cheese, sausage, eggplant, and basil.  It was REALLY good.  Anziano Blair got one with mozzarella (of buffalo) and stracciatella (don’t know how to translate that…), and speck (neither that one…)  Really really really good.  Thanks a ton!  They were really tasty.  The best one I may have ever eaten.  We went to a Napoletano pizzeria that does them really well.  Thanks again!

So Brindisi just caught on FIRE this week.  We finally got 2 new baptismal dates.  That was really good.  They’re both for the 10th of January and are pretty promising.  Our efforts will pay off again!  We’re excited. 🙂

They’ve gone all out here in Brindisi.  Everything is really decorated and super pretty. There’s a little hut they put up that makes empanadas (from Argentina).  They’re really expensive and not very big, but it’s such a nice break up from Italian food.  They’re 2 euros each, but if we buy in bulk they can give us 6 for 9 euros.  We may do it!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love our English course?  I really do.  We have a really really cool class.  Last night they wanted to go on a walk with us, so we went out and saw the city with them.  It was really nice because we met about 6 of their friends and got lots of new contacts.  We also ran into our Snakeman friend again!!  He’s invited us out to lunch at his house.  He really is a nice guy.  I need to make sure I get a picture with him.  He’s super cool.

The Christmas puzzle is coming along nicely, and the window clings are up! 🙂  [In a package that I sent to Craig last year, I included some Christmas window clings to decorate their apartment, and apparently he kept them and is using them again this year!]  I’m excited to open all of your notes tomorrow [his birthday cards].  Thanks a ton!  I can’t believe I’m hitting 20…  Darn it! 🙂  It’s okay.

Well, that should be about it for this week.  Have a good week!  Love you all, and thanks for the awesome birthday!

Anziano Jones

A meal at McDonald’s on P-day last week.

Craig and Anziano Blair

SAM_2725 Edit 600

The rest of these pictures were all taken when they went on a walk with the English students during the chocolate festival.

SAM_2728 Edit 600

SAM_2731 Edit 600

SAM_2732 Edit 600

SAM_2734 Edit 600

Chocolate Galore!

SAM_2735 Edit 600

SAM_2736 Edit 600

A chocolate nativity scene!

SAM_2739 Edit 600

SAM_2741 Edit 600


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