The Brindisi Bucks on Parade

Hey Famiglia!

About the letters. . . Make sure you save them until everyone gets there!  [Craig is referring to some Christmas letters that he mailed to us.]  I’m glad they made it on time.  It’d be best until you all waited until around Christmas time to open them.  They aren’t super cool, but I hope the family likes them!  I was super worried about them not getting there on time, so I didn’t make separate letters for Ash and Mak, so I feel kind of bad now that they made it with lots of time to spare.

This week was really not super exciting.  I got a little bit sick, which was a bummer.  We almost went to visit Serge’s uncle, but there was a strike on Friday, and there were no buses.  It also turns out that to go visit him, it will be a three and a half hour chunk of time gone.  He literally lives right inside the borders of our area in a little town called San Pancrazio.  It’s also impossible to visit him in the evenings because the buses stop after 6 or 7ish, and the train station is closed down there.  Grrrr…  Italy is a tough place for missionary work logistically.

[I asked Craig about his friend Ben Barrow because I haven’t seen any pictures or heard anything about him lately.]  Ben just left Syracuse and got transferred to Olbia, on Sardegna. That should be fun for him!! 🙂  I don’t know many other missions where missionaries have to use planes, ferries, buses, and trains when they get transferred.  Haha.  We have complex travel plans.

[I sent Craig pictures of a vacation rental in Dana Point, California that we just booked for next August.]  That looks like an AWESOME vacation spot!!  I’m really excited about it.  I think it looks amazing!

The pictures this week were of one of the streets here in Brindisi and Brindisi’s football team. The Brindisi Bucks. Haha.  They did a little parade for them.  It was pretty funny.  They kind of look like they imitated the Colts.

As far as the Skype goes, yes, I was planning on the 26th at 8 AM.  And of course Joey is invited!

Today we’re going to a different mall for P-day.  I want to buy myself a nice Italian suit right after Christmas.  I found a really good one that could be a super good price if it goes on sale.  I’m also keeping my eyes open for lots of other things.

That’s about it for this week!  Have an awesome week!!  I can’t wait for Skype.  I’ll have my same account and everything.  I might send you a confirmation e-mail next Tuesday or something.  I have zone conference next Monday, so probably don’t expect an e-mail.  It should be all good.  Ciao!

Anziano Jones

SAM_2743 Edit 600

These first several pictures were just taken around town in Brindisi.

SAM_2746 Edit 600

SAM_2747 Edit 600

SAM_2749 Edit 600

SAM_2750 Edit 600

SAM_2752 Edit 600

SAM_2754 Edit 600

These last three pictures were taken during the parade of the Brindisi Bucks!

SAM_2757 Edit 600

SAM_2758 Edit 600


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