Thanks for all of the Christmas Cards and Letters!

Hey Famiglia!

I won’t have time for a full e-mail today because I’ve gotta hop on a train in a little bit. We had kind of a weird P-day today. We played some zone soccer right after zone conference. We went out behind the church. It was a lot of fun. Ha ha. My Messi jersey worked some more magic for me! I also got all the mail today!! I had to scoop it all up and didn’t get much of a chance to look at them all, but I had lots of stuff!! Ha ha. I got to be the goat for the Christmas nativity we had at zone conference.

Everything is still set for Skyping this Friday. I’ll be using the same account as last time.

It would be really nice if things work out so that Joey can come with us to California. 🙂 That would be great. We’ll have to see when her break is! I also got lots of e-mails and letters from ward members back home! Thanks a ton to everybody! That was really nice of everyone. I also got an e-mail from the bishopric.

That’s cool to hear about Brother Kohler. [Craig is referring to the fact that Brother Kohler has offered him a job at Sports Authority when he gets back.] I’ll be back in May though, not April!  [Silly Craig!  We know EXACTLY when you are coming back!]

It sounds like you’ll be having a really fun Christmas, and it sounds like there was lots of good news this week.  That’s the best!  I’m excited to open all of the letters and things I have for this Christmas; it should be a lot of fun.

[I asked Craig if he would want to take piano lessons next summer to bring his talent back up to the level he was at before he left.]  As far as piano lessons go after I get back home, for now, it’s a no altogether. We’ll have to see, but I’m not super keen on restarting. I’ll for sure want to get back to practicing and keep up the talent, but we’ll have to see from there. 🙂

[Craig’s girlfriend, Joey, got an e-mail from Craig last week, and he mentioned that he now cuts his own hair!]  Well, it’s true.  I’ve started cutting my own hair.  Mainly to save money [Craig has ALWAYS been a penny pincher—even when he was a little kid], but I feel like it’ll be a good investment for the future. 🙂 I guess you’ll see it on the Skype! Or probably on the Rome Mission blog before then.  Ha ha. I think it came out pretty darn good for what it could have been!!  [I can’t wait to see it!]

Can’t wait for Skype!!! Ciao!

Anziano Jones

No pictures from Craig today, but later this week I’ll post a short segment of our Skype session.


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