Craig’s Testimony

We had some problems trying to record the Skype session with Craig, so we don’t have that to share this time, but he is happy and doing well.  He did mention a couple of things that made me think he is getting a little homesick and is looking forward to coming home in May. The first one was that they didn’t have the greatest Christmas because nobody invited them over, so they just hung out in their apartment on Christmas and watched a movie.  The second thing he said was that last year the time between the Christmas Skype and the Mother’s Day Skype went by really fast, and he’s hoping it goes by fast again this year.  Then he’ll be coming home about two weeks after the Mother’s Day Skype.

For Christmas, Craig sent us some long letters, and we all read them on Christmas Eve.  Here is part of the letter that he wrote to our immediate family:

I just can’t believe this will be the last Christmas for me here in Italy.  They are lots of fun, but I really enjoy my white Christmas in Provo. 🙂  It’s awesome to have snow, hot chocolate, Mom’s cooking and all of you around!!  Basketball is also fun to follow during the cold winter months!

Well, my time out here in Italy has been absolutely great.  I love it.  The work I’m doing is super hard but super rewarding.  I’m also really glad because I’m learning so much about everything.  Things from Italian, social skills, life skills.  The most important things that I’m treasuring from this experience are my knowledge of the scriptures and testimony. I’ve learned SO much about our Heavenly Father’s plan, and what He is like and how much He really does love us.  It really does defy my imagination.  It’s really awesome.

I know for a fact that the Book of Mormon is true.  It is such an inspired book.  I love it.  I’ve got no doubt that they are true words and that it really was translated by Joseph.  Every time I read it, I receive more and more confirmations it’s true.  I love talking about it to people.  It’s the best when people accept our invitation to read it and pray about it.

The mission has helped me mature a lot too, and realize new things about myself.  It really is something priceless!  I am super glad.  It think it is something that will help me more than most of my other experiences combined with life up ahead.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!  I’m super excited for Skype!

Buon Natale!
Anziano Jones

Our family during the Skype session with Craig on the day after Christmas.  Front row:  Dad (he’s not really asleep even though it looks like he is), Joey (Craig’s girlfriend).  Back row: Grammie, Makayla (Craig’s sister), Uncle Dave, Aunt Linda, Ashley (Craig’s other sister).

All of us with Craig.  Click photo for a larger view.


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