Happy New Year!

Hey Famiglia!

Skype was awesome. Next time isn’t too far off! That will really be a fun Skype too. I’m excited. The whole new car situation sounds good to me! [We told Craig that we are thinking about buying a new Armada because I really miss having a big car that can hold everybody when we all want to go somewhere together.  Then we would let Craig use it as his car instead of buying him an older less expensive car when he gets back.]  Does that mean the good old Highlander will be leaving? Aww. Whatever you all think is best! So until the T-bird is gone, I’ll use the Armada? That would be okay with me, as long as work/fun and then eventually class schedules don’t clash with what Mom needs it for as well.  [LOL!  No, we won’t be sharing a car, Craig!!  I’ll still be driving the Highlander.]  I was actually wondering about the car situation the other day. We’ll see!

It looks like you had lots of fun on Christmas! That’s really good. I won’t write too much today because… All we basically did was play games and pass a good ol’ time together, like you already know.  Thanks again so much for all of the gifts and letters!  They were really nice to open on Christmas day.  It was tough holding off.

So it turns out that the sales start on the 3rd of January, this Saturday.  So we’re going to hold off from shopping until next P-day so we can grab some good deals.

Bummer about the Cougs vs the Zags.  Grrr.  I hope snowmobiling was fun for Ash and Mak! I’ll start working on that grocery list and stuff for the next Skype so I can read it off to you all.  Surely cheddar cheese and Jimmy Dean sausage will be included. 🙂

Okay! That should be it for now…. Happy New Year!!!  I can’t believe I’ve hit the end of 2014!!  I remember just starting it and thinking, “whelp, here is the big year!!”  That’s really crazy.

Love you all!

Anziano Jones

These first several pictures were taken at the branch Christmas party.

SAM_2793 Edit 600

SAM_2795 Edit 600

SAM_2796 Edit 600

SAM_2799 Edit 600

A dancing Santa band in downtown Brindisi.

SAM_2800 Edit 600

SAM_2801 Edit 600

SAM_2809 Edit 600

Anziano Blair and Craig with two of their English students, Carmelo and Marina.  Craig said they are ANGELS!

SAM_2804 Edit 600

After the missionaries gave a Book of Mormon to Carmelo and Marina, they invited the elders over for lunch.  The other two ladies in the picture are a friend and their niece.

SAM_2805 Edit 600

SAM_2802 Edit 600

SAM_2806 Edit 600

SAM_2807 Edit 600

Craig said this dish is called something like “poor people’s dish” because it’s made out of flour and water, with a little salt, and a sauce made with molasses.  Traditionally, the lower class people of Italy ate this dish for the holidays because it was so accessible and cheap.  Carmelo and Marina wanted the elders to try it since they are Americans.

SAM_2812 Edit 600

The missionaries decided to build a Christmas tree in their apartment.  They used the green cans from this Italian drink.

SAM_2816 Edit 600

Craig and Anziano Tanner

SAM_2818 Edit 600

These are some more English course students with Anziano Gavaz and Anziano Tanner.  They all  went out to eat together.

SAM_2819 Edit 600

Downtown Brindisi

SAM_2824 Edit 600

At the restaurant with the English course students.

SAM_2825 Edit 600

Anziano Gavaz (on the left) is from northern Italy.  He is sitting next to Craig’s companion, Anziano Blair.

SAM_2823 Edit 600

Appetizers at the restaurant:  potato chrocette, some fried mozzarella, a little crunchy cracker heart.

SAM_2826 Edit 600

SAM_2827 Edit 600

The missionaries went out to dinner on Christmas Eve.  Seen here are Anziano Blair and Anziano Gavaz.

SAM_2829 Edit 600

Anziano Blair, Anziano Tanner, and Craig.

SAM_2831 Edit 600

SAM_2833 Edit 600

This was Craig’s Christmas Eve dinner, and he said it was the worst pizza he has ever eaten in his life.  It doesn’t really look bad, but he assured us during the Skype that it wasn’t good.

I asked Craig to get a picture of himself with Anziano Blair, and this is it.

I also asked him to get this picture of himself with the Christmas tree that the members of the ward here in Provo sent to him.  They all signed it.  Click on the photo for a larger view. Then if you zoom in, you can actually read the messages.


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