Snow in Brindisi!

Hey Famiglia!

I spent a good amount of time today reading all of your e-mails!  I got lots of interesting ones this week.  Thanks for forwarding me Serge’s message.  We actually have tried to call back a couple times after the first time we didn’t manage to make it out there, but we keep getting his wife, and she said she’ll let her husband know when he gets back.  I guess there may have been some miscommunication there.  Whoops.

As far as the car situation goes, I kind of sent back my answer to Mom.  Maybe if you could write me back next week with your opinions on which one would be most cost effective for me looking at it from an insurance/gas standpoint and even as far as getting a car after college… I dunno.  It’ll be a tough decision.  Both of them are fantastic options!! 🙂  You are the best parents ever!

I also had one more favor to ask as far as finances go.  I noticed that my USAA card expires about 2 days after I get home, and realized I’ll need a new card, but I figured at that point I’d probably want to get a credit card anyway.  Plus I’ll be needing to buy a phone/laptop right when I get back from the mission for college and stuff.  So I was hoping you could look up some good credit card deals/offers that would be really useful for me once I get back, seeing as I’ll also be doing a little bit of spending once I get home.  Obviously, I also have the cash to cover those purchases anyway, but I dunno.  I figured I might as well try and take advantage of any bonuses/deals that could be out there.  Let me know!  I guess it’s not too urgent anyway.  I figured Dad would be a good credit card consultant. 🙂  I know I need credit, too. That’s important in life, right?

As far as rooming goes, I’m still e-mailing around a little bit… I’m trying to figure it out.  In the end, I’d also be fine just grabbing random roommates because I’d know lots of people in the area and stuff.  I’m not too worried about it.  I just need a little more time.

Soo… as you can see, it also SNOWED here in Brindisi!!!  It was crazy!  It was the first time in about 15-20 years or so.  It was so awesome.  We were happy.  And we did see the ferry accident.  We could see the smoke from our streets.  We didn’t happen to make it in front of any cameras though.  No one really knew what had happened but some people even jumped off into the water.  At least one person died that way.  The news was around for quite a few days.

Man!  Everyone is getting married at home now!!  That’s really cool about Ky.  That particular Jordan Jones was known as Jedi Jones in the mission.  He’s a funny dude.  There was another Jones known as the Wrestler Jones, because he was really short and stocky and a wrestler.  I’m known by many as Puma Jones.  It’s a long story, but it started in Napoli.  It was the way we could differentiate between Joneses.  Now there’s a new Cello Jones in the mission.

[During our Skype, Craig suggested that I try making some focaccia.  I found a recipe online and sent him a picture of it.]  That focaccia looks right on point.  Yummy!  Anyway, now we’re going to go out in search of some good sales.  Right now everything is going for really, really cheap, so we’re going to the mall today to take advantage of it all!  I haven’t really spent too much in the course of my mission, so I’m hoping to get some good things.

I’m glad you bought Settlers of Catan.  [This is a board game that the missionaries played on Christmas Day, and Craig suggested that we might want to buy it, so I ordered one from Amazon.]  I hope you like it!!  It’s a fun game.  Haha.  And thanks for the Valentine’s day package!!  [I told him that I sent him a padded envelope with a couple of treats in it for Valentine’s Day.  I hope it gets there!]  Well, this e-mail was full of money talk and post-mission stuff.  Next time I’ll try and send a good thought.  P.S. The pictures are of a really good pizza we ate, and a nativity scene inside an old ruins place in Lecce.  Cool stuff!

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

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It snowed in Brindisi!SAM_2849 Edit 600

SAM_2850 Edit 600

SAM_2851 Edit 600

SAM_2867 Edit 600

SAM_2882 Edit 600

SAM_2886 Edit 600

SAM_2888 Edit 600

SAM_2889 Edit 600

SAM_2892 Edit 600

SAM_2896 Edit 600

Craig and Anziano Blair at a restaurant.

SAM_2897 Edit 600

This is the pizza that Craig said was really good.

Craig didn’t mention anything about this picture, but it looks like a bunch of locks connected together and then wrapped around a pole.

The nativity scene inside some ruins in Lecce.  Click photo for a larger view.

SAM_2904 Edit 600


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