A Spiffy New Italian Suit

Hey Famiglia!

Pictures this week are of the Harris family and us.  Anziano Harris served here in Brindisi about 2 years ago or so.  He came back and visited this weekend with his family.  They were super nice and gave us some caramels and fruit roll-up things.  Sister Harris was really nice!  Brother Harris is the dean of students at BYU-Idaho.  Nice family!  They said they would contact you after they get back to the U.S.  We also went back to Ostuni.

We also met Serge’s uncle, David!  We spent the morning showing him how to use familysearch.org and start up on his genealogy.  We also chatted quite a bit.  We gave him the Book of Mormon and an invite to read it, and he says he loves to read religious texts (he also professed he was quite fond of Buddhism), and would give it a look.

So I got lots of e-mails today with lots of info. I hope I can respond to all the questions and info!  About the cars, that’s super awesome.  I’m really excited about it.  Thanks a ton!  And that new Zoomer looks really nice!!  [a new BMW that Jeffrey just ordered from Georgia.  We now have four cars for only two drivers, and only a three-car garage.  Crazy!]  It’s really sporty!

I wanted to share a story this week since I haven’t really shared any for a while.  One funny thing that happened this week is that me and Anziano Blair taught a lesson to our African investigator, Liona [name has been changed].  She has been particularly stubborn about not reading the Book of Mormon.  At first, she thought it was the “Book of Mohammad,” and then was confused, and blah blah blah.  But after we got all that straightened out, we read some out of the book with her to show her how great it is, and how much it talks of Christ.  It has been like this for a couple of visits now.  We’ve tried every tactic we could.  We had borne solemn testimony of the book, we’d try aggresive/powerful testimony, we tried soft/sweet testimony, we’d try explaining it logically, and stuff wasn’t really clicking for her still.  At one point I said, “Think of it like this, if I promised you there was €500 behind that painting, and you could have it if it was there, would you be curious enough to go look?”  And then she was like, “Is this MAGIC???”  I was like: “NONONONONO!!! I’m just saying for example, it would be worth it to go check, right?  Right now were promising you ETERNAL LIFE, which is worth a lot more than that, and all you have to do is read and pray about the book!  Isn’t it worth it to check?”  I thought it was pretty funny that she thought I was going to try and do magic…  Sometimes it’s difficult for her to understand and follow our logic.  I dunno.  I was out of ideas for explaining it.

So it wasn’t the most spiritual story, but it was really funny to me.  Maybe you had to be there though.

As far as my shopping spree went, I found a spiffy Italian suit for about 70 Euro (100 dollars), made in Italy, slim fit, the works.  I bought it to be my nice little Italian souvenir!  I like it lots.  Other than that, some shoes (FINALLY!!! I bought some nicer ones this time, because I’m hoping they’ll still be good enough for the U.S.  They were 40 Euro, but I got a good discount because they’re Italian made too).  Also some pants and shirts and stuff.  Nothing else too special.

Cool.  Thanks for the info about BYU housing.  I’ll have to think about it a little bit.  Sounds like Helaman is WAY out.  I thought it was totally an option because a few guys from my group are rooming there after their missions.  Hehe.  I guess they don’t know.  [My friend whose husband works for BYU Admissions said that most return missionaries want to live at Heritage Halls and that it’s mostly freshman girls and a few guys who haven’t gone on missions yet living at Helaman Halls.]

[I told Craig that I went to lunch with a friend at a new restaurant in Pleasant Grove called Cravings Bistro, and they make gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and super yummy tomato basil soup.]  Did you say GOURMET GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES, Mom????  We are definitely going there after my mission. Haha.

Well, I think that’s about all of the cool things that happened.  We went to the Okoh’s house (African members) and got fed an ENTIRE chicken.  Yeah.  I grabbed the most normal looking pieces I could see.  I think I avoided anything nasty.  I know I didn’t get the head.  They are really kind.

Okay.  Ciao for now!  TRANSFER CALLS are this week!  I’ll let you know!  I could very well be getting my last city…

Anziano Jones

SAM_2909 Edit 600

That must be the new Italian suit that Craig bought.

SAM_2911 Edit 600

Serge’s uncle, Craig, and Brother Frascaro, who is the ward clerk/genealogy man.

SAM_2915 Edit 600

Craig and Anziano Blair with the Harris family from the United States.

SAM_2916 Edit 600

I believe the rest of these pictures were taken when they went back to Ostuni.

SAM_2917 Edit 600

SAM_2918 Edit 600

SAM_2920 Edit 600

SAM_2921 Edit 600

SAM_2922 Edit 600

I recognize her as one of the English course students.

SAM_2923 Edit 600

SAM_2924 Edit 600

SAM_2925 Edit 600

SAM_2926 Edit 600


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