I’m Going to Rome!

Hey Famiglia!!

So the big news arrived…  And it’s some good stuff!  I’m going to Rome!  [YAY!  We were hoping Craig would get to serve in Rome.]  I’ll be in Rome 6!  It’s the mission office’s second ward.  I’ll be in the office all the time!  [He doesn’t mean that he will literally be at the office “ALL” the time.  He just means that he will be there a lot for meetings and such.]  I’m really excited.  I’ll still be the district leader.  It’s a pretty crazy district.  It includes the staff of the office, the AP’s, and 8 other missionaries.  I’m excited, it should be lots and lots of fun.  The best part is that some buddies (Kelley and Kenney) are going to be right there in Rome with me.  P-days are going to be really, really fun.  On P-days we get to roam in Rome basically wherever we want.  I’m so excited.  It’s the perfect call for me!!  My new companion is going to be Anziano Eads, and I’m going to be killing him.  He finishes his mission this transfer.  That should be interesting! [The missionaries sometimes refer to leaving the mission as their “death” and apparently the last companion is the “killer.”]

I’ll be going up this Thursday to Rome, I believe.  The travels still haven’t been completely worked out.  I’m also excited because this will be the first ward I’ve ever served in.  That should be really great.  I’ve enjoyed serving with Anziano Blair though.  He’s a cool guy.  Anyways, I’ve really enjoyed Brindisi.  I have some pictures down at the port again.  Hopefully you like them!  We’ve been having really, really nice weather down here for the most part.

I’m super happy because I’ve basically hit everything I’ve wanted to see in my mission.  I’ve seen Napoli, Sicily, and now Rome.  I’m super blessed!  I kind of let out a sigh of relief when I realized I got to dodge hitting Sardegna or Malta.  I would have had to leave bags.  I’ll most likely finish in Rome.

I found a SUPER cool scripture this week.  I don’t know why, but I know section 121 of Doctrine and Covenants really well, but I seem to have always skipped past verse 33, usually jumping for the good stuff that comes after it.  Verse 33 is a really cool verse about revelation.  After reflecting on the effects that having an hour of personal study has had on me in the mission, it’s helped me better understand how a farm boy such as Joseph Smith could have reached the immense knowledge that he actually obtained in this life.  There’s only one possible solution.  It was revelation!  He was truly illuminated by the Holy Ghost and became one of the most learned men on the earth with his limited time and resources.  It’s a strong testimony of him, and shows the importance of taking our personal studies seriously.  I know that I certainly have seen my knowledge grow immensely through my personal studies, more than they would have through other means.  What a huge blessing!

Anyways.  That should be about it for now.  Transfer call week is always full of crazy e-mails to send to our buddies in the mission.  Thanks a ton for helping with the shoes!  You’re awesome.  I’m finding souvenirs for you all, and I’m sure I’ll find some cool things in Rome.  Also, if you ever want to send me things, sending them to the Rome mission office, I’ll get them almost immediately because I’ll be there at least every Sunday and Tuesday for meetings, plus other times during the week for other lessons and such.  I’ll be there often! 🙂  That’s a huge perk.  I get to be on the in. 😉  It will be a LOT easier for me to send things too.  Hurray!

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

This map shows the city that Craig is currently serving in (Brindisi) and the city he is being transferred to (Rome).  Click on the map for a larger view.

Here is a picture that I found of Craig’s new companion, Anziano Nathan Eads.  He is from Herriman, Utah.  As Craig mentioned, he is in his last transfer period and will be going home in six more weeks.  Anziano Eads also has a blog, and I put a link to it in the sidebar.  It will be fun to read his letters over the next few weeks while he and Craig are serving together.

SAM_2932 Edit 600

Several of these pictures were taken at the port in Brindisi.

SAM_2933 Edit 600

SAM_2936 Edit 600

SAM_2939 Edit 600

SAM_2953 Edit 600

Craig with Sister Jones.  She is the lady from Texas who made him the fried chicken dinner just before Thanksgiving.

SAM_2955 Edit 600

Craig with the Relief Society sisters.  They must think he is a giant.

SAM_2957 Edit 600

Craig with Angela and Damiano Palma

SAM_2959 Edit 600

Craig with Luciano, who gave the missionaries little cough drop caramels every Sunday, but they tasted awful.

SAM_2960 Edit 600Craig with Teresa and Carmelo Vergari


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