I Am Loving Rome!

Hey Famiglia!

So I am LOVING Rome! So awesome! It’s so crazy. We take buses and metros to get around. It’s really fun. I’ve never seen so many people before in my life!  It’s so nice.  I am so used to tracking people down and going over to them, but here, people are flowing everywhere!  It’s nuts.  And serving in a ward is the BEST THING EVER!  Our bishop is a complete champion. He is really on top of things. He seems to really like me too, ha ha. Ward council was cool. We have really good relations with the ward, which by the way is about 90% Spanish speakers, ha ha. They are awesome. They come from all over the place, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia.

On Wednesday, I traveled from Brindisi to Bari. It was an hour and 15 minutes to Bari. We slept Wednesday night in Bari. Then the next day, I traveled from Bari to Rome which was another 4 hours and 20 minutes. The travel wasn’t bad. Our apartment is AWESOME! So much better than Brindisi’s. We have nice hot water, new mattresses, and you can drink the water from the tap!! I’ve never been so well rested, hydrated, and clean in my life!! It’s going to be great.

We have a really cool district here, too. I like all the guys in it. They are all really fun. The sisters are cool, too. Today, we were planning to go to the Vatican, but we decided to go over to Piazza Venezia instead because it’s free!! 🙂 I don’t have any pictures yet, but I will for sure be getting some awesome ones today for P-day. We’ll all be going over together. Rome is really expensive though, as far as food goes. And transportation for that matter. I’ve had to withdraw some extra cash from my card to cover travel costs (it all gets reimbursed in the end). Just last week I spent over $140 in traveling to get here! It’s a really, really good thing I get to serve here because it is insanely confusing to travel around. [He means that it will be helpful to know how to get around Rome when we go back to Italy with him next year.] At least the buses are. It’s a crazy web. To get out to people’s houses we’ll sometimes take a bus, 2 different metros, then another bus, or even just 3 different connecting buses! Sheesh.

Oh, and another thing, I FOUND A BOX OF MAC AND CHEESE! So awesome! I haven’t seen one in a year and a half!  I was so excited.  I did have to pay 4 Euros ($5.25) for it though… but I wanted one so bad.  I took a picture with it.  I can’t wait for that rainy day when I crack it open.  [I can hardly believe that a box of macaroni and cheese can be so exciting to somebody who is in Italy with all of the fabulous pasta they have.]

I picked up all of my letters from you all in the office!  I just barely got all the Christmas cards actually, and a couple stragglers from other people.  Still no Valentine’s things yet though. [I sent Craig a padded envelope with a few treats for Valentine’s Day, but I mailed it about three weeks ago, so it should have been there by now.]  We’re generally in the office at least once a day, and run errands and do jobs for the office staff quite a bit. It’s nice to be able to help them out sometimes.  It’s a tough job.  They stay in the office from 9-5.

It’s really fun to be around lots of other missionaries.  Today alone, we’re able to get together with all of the missionaries in our district.  In fact, 2 senior couples and 2 other sister companionships live in our complex.  It’s really fun.  For my whole mission, sometimes the closest missionaries were 2 and a half hours away!  It was a good experience, but the isolation can take a toll on ya.  I don’t think I’ve gone too crazy yet though.  I’m not crazy, am I?

Anziano Eads is doing really well and isn’t winding down a bit.  We’re getting some good work done!  We actually may see a couple baptisms here soon if all goes as planned!  That should be great. It’s been a bit of a dry streak for me for a little while!  I’ve been really blessed though.  Rome is awesome for work!  The members are all super supportive and friendly to all of our investigators. What a huge blessing.  Members make all of the difference in this work.  They can be something really attractive to people, or a little bit less attractive for them!

Anyways. I think that’s about it for now!  Ciao ciao!  I’ll hopefully get some good pics for you all today!  The ones I took last week were of the English course and my last shots in Brindisi.  Also, a few random ones on the streets of Rome, but they weren’t really cool… I’ve already caught glimpses of the Vatican and stuff, but haven’t had the time to whip out the camera.

Anziano Jones

SAM_2962 Edit 600

These first several pictures were taken in Brindisi before Craig left.SAM_2963 Edit 600

SAM_2965 Edit 600


To see a larger version of this panoramic view of the harbor in Brindisi, click on the photo.

SAM_2969 Edit 600

SAM_2970 Edit 600

SAM_2972 Edit 600

SAM_2973 Edit 600

SAM_2974 Edit 600

SAM_2975 Edit 600

SAM_2976 Edit 600

Just taking a little snooze on the giant anchor.

SAM_2978 Edit 600

SAM_2979 Edit 600

SAM_2980 Edit 600

SAM_2981 Edit 600

Craig’s district.

SAM_2983 Edit 1200

Craig with the English course students.  Click photo for a larger view.

SAM_2989 Edit 600

Craig forgot to give me the names of this couple, but I will ask him next week.

SAM_2997 Edit 600

At the train station just before heading up to Bari and then on to Rome.

SAM_2998 Edit 600

Last picture with Anziano Blair.

SAM_2999 Edit 600

Believe it or not, this was the very first picture that Craig took in Rome!

SAM_3001 Edit 600

Crazy kid!SAM_3002 Edit 600

These last three pictures were taken in Rome, but as Craig mentioned, he should have some better pictures next week.

SAM_3003 Edit 600

SAM_3004 Edit 600


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