A City of Miracles

Hey Famiglia!

Before I forget again… Happy super late anniversary!  I’ve meant to congratulate you for 2 weeks in a row now, but I keep forgetting.  Sorry!  By now it’s long gone.  I wrote it down as item one for my notes to write home about.  Congrats!

Anyways, you’ll notice I’ve uploaded 130ish photos today to Dropbox.  [Yes, he sent 125 photos this week, but unfortunately about 50 of them were either blurry or they had a strange light blotch on them.  I weeded those out and a few others, and I’m only posting the cream of the crop.]  Rome is AWESOME!!  I’ve gotten to see so many super cool things.  Plus there were lots of things I didn’t get to snap a picture of, but sheesh!  This place is great!  On P-day we went to the center of Rome and saw Piazza Venezia, caught a glimpse of the colosseum in the distance, the Pantheon, and lots of awesome shops.   I’ve also passed by the Spanish steps, Piazza del Popolo, and other cool things this week while working.  It’s a crazy zone!  We don’t live right in the center of Rome, but often times we have to travel through it to get places.  Awesome!

Today we’re going to the Porta di Roma (HUGE mall here) and then we’re going ice skating with some members and the other missionaries.  It should be lots of fun!

Dad asked about our investigators.  Luckily, we’ve got quite a few!  We have one named Gilberto [as always, the names of investigators have been changed] who’s actually really close to baptism and really wants to be baptized, and comes to church every Sunday no problem, but he just needs to change some things first before he’s ready.  He’s such an awesome guy to teach.  His dad is Egyptian, and his mom Italian.  This week we had a really cool teaching moment with him that I wanted to share.  In the time I’ve been working with him, we’ve already seen HUGE changes with him. While we were teaching, he asked us why it seems like ever since he started to take the lessons with us, he feels like he can read better and speak better, and can communicate more easily.   I bore testimony to him that the Holy Ghost not only is the Comforter and a guide in this life, but that it also helps illuminate our minds and teaches us, and can help open our minds.  It was a really powerful moment for him!  I know it is true, too.  He’s had some really fantastic changes.

We have another investigator that will be baptized the 15th if everything works out with his work.  He is a caretaker of an old man, and basically is busy all day every day, but we get to go out and meet with him at the old man’s place to teach.  We’re really hoping and praying that he can be free on that Sunday.  He is usually free on Sunday, as it is his day off, but it occasionally happens that he needs to stay and work with the guy. He is from Colombia!

There are a couple of other people that we are working with, but those are the most notable two for now.  Rome really is a city of miracles.  It is really neat having conversations with people on the buses.  I’ve met some really cool people that are really open and ready!  I think we’ll be getting lots and lots of baptisms in our district in the next couple of weeks.  It is going to be great!

As far as rooming goes, I’ve asked some people, and lots of people recommend just getting an apartment.  [He’s talking about where he might live this fall when he starts attending BYU.]  I heard that Liberty Square is a really cool place for it.  I may end up doing that…  It sounds like a pretty good option to me!  [That’s funny because that’s where I lived while I was going to school at BYU more than 30 years ago, but I’m sure it’s been renovated since I was there!  I’m glad to know that it’s still considered to be a “really cool place.”  LOL!]

[I was telling Craig that I checked on the BYU website to find out how he can take a challenge exam to receive college credit for his knowledge of the Italian language.  I found out that he has to take one class (Italian 321) and if he passes the challenge exam, he can earn up to 16 credits.  That’s an entire semester of classes!  And I bet that class would be fun, especially if some of his mission buddies are in it with him.]  I hear lots of missionaries grab those extra 16 credits.   That is something that would be really nice for me!  It would be nice to have those.

Well, other than that, I think I’d better wrap it up here now.  Have a great week!  Thanks for the Valentine’s day package.  It still hasn’t shown up yet, but I’m keeping an eye out for it.  I picked up some nifty little souvenirs this week.  Hopefully I’ll keep spotting some good stuff to grab!

Anziano Jones

SAM_3006 Edit 600

Most of the pictures on this post were taken last Monday when the missionaries went to the center of Rome for their P-day.  Pictured above are Anziani Brandon, Eads, and Line.

SAM_3007 Edit 600

SAM_3010 Edit 600

SAM_3012 Edit 600

SAM_3013 Edit 600

SAM_3014 Edit 600

SAM_3016 Edit 600

SAM_3022 Edit 600

SAM_3024 Edit 1600

If you look closely at this picture, you can see the Colosseum in the background, although I’m sure Craig will eventually get a better picture of it than this one.  Click photo for a larger view.


To see a larger view of this panoramic photo, click on the picture.

SAM_3029 Edit 600

SAM_3030 Edit 600

Anziano LineSAM_3031 Edit 600

SAM_3032 Edit 600

SAM_3033 Edit 600

SAM_3035 Edit 600

This picture looks like it’s at a strange angle, but it’s actually a ceiling.SAM_3037 Edit 600

SAM_3040 Edit 600

SAM_3042 Edit 600

SAM_3044 Edit 600

SAM_3046 Edit 600

SAM_3047 Edit 600

SAM_3049 Edit 600

SAM_3050 Edit 600

SAM_3051 Edit 600

SAM_3053 Edit 600

SAM_3054 Edit 600

SAM_3055 Edit 600

SAM_3056 Edit 600

SAM_3059 Edit 600

SAM_3063 Edit 600

SAM_3066 Edit 600

SAM_3068 Edit 600

SAM_3070 Edit 600

SAM_3072 Edit 600

SAM_3073 Edit 600

SAM_3075 Edit 600

SAM_3078 Edit 600

SAM_3079 Edit 600

SAM_3080 Edit 600

SAM_3081 Edit 600

SAM_3082 Edit 600

SAM_3083 Edit 600

Craig’s companion, Anziano Eads, with Anziano Brandon.

SAM_3083 Edit Only

This picture and the following ten were all taken at the Rome West Zone Conference last Wednesday.  Some of them came from Sister Waddoups’ blog, and some are from Craig’s camera.  Click the photo above for a larger view.

SAM_3084 A Edit 600

Craig and Anziano Eads role-playing at zone conference.  It looks like Craig is the missionary and Anziano Eads is pretending to be an investigator.

SAM_3084 B Edit 600

SAM_3084 C Edit 600

SAM_3084 D Edit 600

Anziani Kenney and Kelley

SAM_3084 E Edit 600

SAM_3084 F Edit 600

SAM_3087 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Hatch

SAM_3090 Edit 600

Anziano Palazzo

SAM_3092 Edit 600

SAM_3101 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Kenney

SAM_3109 Edit 600

SAM_3111 Edit 600

SAM_3112 Edit 600

SAM_3113 Edit 600

SAM_3114 Edit 600

SAM_3115 Edit 600

Those must be the souvenirs Craig mentioned!

SAM_3126 Edit 600

SAM_3130 Edit 600

SAM_3141 Edit 600


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