The Colosseum and Eataly!

Hey Famiglia!

So it’s funny you found out all about that housing stuff this week, Mom.  It turns out I think I’ll probably be wanting to do Liberty Square with Anziano Line (Kyle Line).  He’s in the same boat as me.  We’d rather do an apartment than Helaman Halls actually for a few reasons. Mainly because… yeah.  It’ll just be better in the end. And still a LOT of fun.  He’s actually sitting next to me as I e-mail.  We just need to know all the info about those apartments because we’d want to go in on one together.  He finishes the transfer after me (with Anziano Barrow), so July 5 or 6ish.  He’s super cool, and went to American Fork High School. He also played basketball in high school, and is way good.  We’re gonna make a legit intramural basketball team and stuff.  We’re gonna have some fun!  Sorry I didn’t let you know about it sooner!  So if you could figure out signing info and stuff, that’d be cool.  Me and Line have a couple of selfies taken together.

So I thought I’d share a cool teaching experience this week again, I guess another miracle moment you could say.  We were preparing to go teach a lesson to our investigator, Eduardo [name has been changed].  He unfortunately takes care of an old man and can’t get time off on Sunday to come to church.  So we were sitting down with him prepared to ask him to get ready to either find a new job or get a way to have Sunday off.  Luckily, before we even started to break the news to him, he told us that he really wants to be able to come to church every Sunday, and that he was already looking for a new job.  What an answer to prayers!  Super duper cool.  It was amazing to see how well prepared he has been.

Today we’re going to Eataly!  We’re super duper excited.  I guess they have lots of cool foods there.  I also got to see the Colosseum this week, but there were only about 3 pics from this week.  It was super cool!  Whelp.

Oh!  By the way, I got the Valentine’s day package!  Thanks a ton!!  Sorry… it just took a while to get here.  Thanks a lot for the card and everything.  All the goodies in there are super duper yummy.  Thanks so much!  You’re the best!  Happy Valentine’s day!  I kind of feel guilty to see you put money in my account, too.  Sorry if the e-mail is really short this week as well. This keyboard is really crumby.

Today we’ve got a really cool appointment with a Catholic seminary teacher and a government representative. I’ll send you more info next week after we see how it goes… Yeah.

Anyways, ciao for now!

Anziano Jones

SAM_3084 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Kyle Line

SAM_3156 Edit 600

The Colosseum!

SAM_3157 Edit 600

SAM_3159 Edit 600


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