A Valentine’s Day Baptism!

Hey Famiglia!

Well, my Valentine’s day was great!  We had a baptism in our ward that day, which was really fun.  We met some really cool contacts!  It was great to see lots of members and non-members together. and lots of people had questions for us afterwards.

This week we went and saw Eataly, which has lots of awesome regional foods from all over the place in Italy.  Then we went around and saw lots of other stuff…  I can’t really remember.  Today we’re all going to Villa Borghese, which sounds like it’ll be SUPER fun.  We’re gonna rent bikes and stuff and have a picnic.  Yay!!

This week was AWESOME!  Another cool thing that happened was that we visited Franco Spiciarielli, a referral we received from President!  He is a lobbyist who worked for Microsoft, went to the U.S., and met with Bryan Thorpe and got to know him a little bit.  We went last Monday to visit him, and it was really cool. We spent an hour in his office, and he bombarded us with questions.  At the end, we left him a Book of Mormon, and he also invited us to be his private guests at an event on the 6th of March at Piazza Spagna (The Spanish Steps).  I’m not sure exactly what this event is gonna be, but there will be a couple hundred people there.  He said “It will be a good way for you to get to know people.”

On a side note, I interviewed the former Miss Europe for baptism last week… haha.  The sisters have been teaching her.  She’s going to get baptized this Saturday!  That will be really cool.  I’ve gotten to know her pretty well at church.  She actually mentioned she was deciding between having me baptize her, or someone else.  I recommended someone else though, because it’s ALWAYS better to have members do the baptisms.  In the end, we get transferred and leave, but the members will be there for a lot longer!  That was pretty cool.

Sorry my e-mail is going to be a bit short today.  Anziano Line and I were trying to figure out our apartment stuff together…  But yeah.  I sent mom all the stuff we decided on.  If we don’t get in to Liberty Square, we’ll be fine…  It sounds like lots of guys we know will be there anyways, so we could still go visit.  Anziani Busdicker and Hatch are going to live there, and some other guys.

Anyways, ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

SAM_3160 Edit 600

The Pyramid of Cestius was built about 12 BC.

This photo and the next three were all taken at Eataly.

SAM_3165 Edit 600

SAM_3169 Edit 600

The rest of these photos were all taken last Monday when the missionaries toured around in Rome.

SAM_3170 Edit 600

SAM_3172 Edit 600


To see a larger view of this panoramic photo, click on the picture.

SAM_3175 Edit 600

SAM_3177 Edit 600

SAM_3178 Edit 600

SAM_3181 Edit 600

SAM_3182 Edit 600

SAM_3183 Edit 600

SAM_3184 Edit 600

SAM_3185 Edit 600

SAM_3186 Edit 600

SAM_3187 Edit 600

SAM_3189 Edit 600

SAM_3190 Edit 600

SAM_3191 Edit 600


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