The Baptism of Miss Europe

Hey Famiglia!

So this Saturday, I’ll be receiving another transfer call.  Since Anziano Eads is going home, I’ll obviously be getting someone new, so we’ll have to see who I end up with!  I’m anxious to find out.  Anziano Eads has done a great job though, and is finishing strong!

Rebecca (former Miss Europe, but I’m not sure what year it was…) was baptized last Saturday, which was super awesome.  There were tons of investigators and potentials there!  President Waddoups also came.  The sisters did an awesome job teaching her and organizing the whole thing.  Rebecca gave the COOLEST testimony ever!  It was seriously so awesome.  She talked a good 6 or 7 minutes about her background a little bit, and shared the coolest things ever with everyone about how she knows this is the true church.  Awesome!

Well, we haven’t had the absolutely best week, as we’ve had plenty of no shows and cancelled appointments…  And we lost one of our best investigators, which is really discouraging!  But, luckily, we had some really awesome things happen too!

We got a new investigator, Enrico [the names of all investigators have been changed], who was a referral from Rome 5. Then, we spent some time with Armondo last week, the really cool guy from Colombia. Armondo will also come to FHE [family home evening] tonight, as long as he’s feeling better (he was a little sick yesterday). He is so awesome. Also, another good thing that happened was that Eduardo, our other investigator, had a job interview for a different job! He’s planning on trying to move here, more inside Rome, so that he can come to church and have more free time. It was an answer to prayers that that had happened! We are super happy and excited about that.

We are going to be crazy busy this next week because we have lots of people to see before Anziano Eads heads out!  Anyways…  Today we’re going to go play some soccer with the zone.  We’re excited.  Oh!  About last week, we went to the Villa Borghese, which is AWESOME (not quite as cool as the Reggia di Caserta), but we had lots of fun.  The bad news is that my camera was dead during the whole P-day, so I didn’t get any pictures of the super cool view above Rome… and we rented bikes and stuff too.  Rats! I’m hoping to snag some from the other missionaries who got some pictures.

About my USAA card, we will be fine.  It expires 31 of May.  I’ll be fine until then.  If Liberty Square doesn’t work out… Uhhh.. Try for King Henry I guess?  I dunno.  Anziano Line is coming right now to the Internet point…  Hopefully he can convince his parents to let him do it.  The problem is that all the scholarship deadlines have actually kind of passed anyways, so I’m not sure exactly what he’s planning on.  It sounds like it might be tricky to get it all to work out anyways.  If it comes down to it, I’d be fine just going to Liberty Square on my own.  Hopefully we can get together though!

The funny thing is that on April 28th, Elder Bednar is coming to Rome to train us how to use iPad minis!!!! Unfortunately, at that point, I’ll only have about a month left, soo…… Yeah.  I’m glad I’ll get to at least see them!  I’ll probably get to use it for my last Mother’s Day Skype, haha.

There is a cool quote that has been floating around lately, that someone shared in my district.  It’s “Adversity is the best education.”  I’m not sure exactly who it’s from, but I think it’s a really cool one.  And it’s true.  The mission has helped me to grow and have more experiences than I could ever have had anywhere else.  It’s been so great.  I’m so grateful for the time I have to be here, and I’m working hard to not waste any of it!  I know the Church is true, without a doubt.  The Book of Mormon is such a true and inspired book!  I love it.

I’ve gotta go now, so ciao ciao!
Anziano Jones

SAM_3213 Edit 600

An empty train!

SAM_3214 Edit 600

Craig on the train.

SAM_3219 Edit 600

Craig with the former Miss Europe who was baptized on Saturday.

Baptism 1 Edit 600

I found these two pictures of the baptism on Sister Waddoups’ blog.

Baptism 2 Edit 600

SAM_3232 Edit 600Craig being a goofball.


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