Another New Greenie Arriving Soon

Hey Famiglia!

So Anziano Eads is officially gone.  I just dropped him off at the office a little bit ago.  And in his place, I will be training again!!!  Haha.  I don’t know who it will be yet!  I’ll find out Thursday.  [This is because the new greenies won’t be arriving in Italy until Wednesday, and then President Waddoups will interview all of them before deciding who their new companions will be.]  I’m super excited.  It will be really crazy training again!  I’m really glad though because it means I’ll probably finish it out here in Rome.

This P-day has been really, really nutzo because we’ve been running around with the dying missionaries letting them see a bit of Rome.  [He’s referring to the missionaries who will be going home tomorrow, including Anziano Eads.]  So I really don’t have too much time to e-mail.

But things are really going well here in Rome.  I’m really quite scatterbrained today, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to write.

It turns out that Elder Allen of the Seventy will be coming to Rome tomorrow and will be giving us missionaries a special little training!  I’m really excited.  We just found out about it this morning.  It will be super cool to see him.  Then we have the mission conference in a couple of weeks with President Texiera.  It’s gonna be really great to see all these general authorities coming!

Well, sorry this e-mail may be among the shortest that I’ve sent you.  I’m glad to hear that the Cougars beat out the Zags on their home court!!!  That’s the greatest!  I’m sad I won’t get to see the T-bird before I get home, but I hope the sale goes well.

Sorry about the lack of info!  I’ve gotta run now…

Anziano Jones

SAM_3242 Edit 600

The Rome Temple under construction.

SAM_3247 Edit 600

Looking at the temple site from a distance.

SAM_3252 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Line.

SAM_3260 Edit 600

The rest of these pictures were all taken today when they toured around Rome with the “dying” missionaries.

SAM_3261 Edit 600

SAM_3262 Edit 600

Anziani Kenney and Kelley are the two guys on the right.

SAM_3263 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Brown, who is going home tomorrow.

SAM_3264 Edit 600

Anziani Kenney and Kelley.

SAM_3265 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Eads.  I wonder who Craig is talking to.

SAM_3268 Edit 600

Last photo with Anziano Eads before he leaves Italy.

SAM_3269 Edit 600

SAM_3270 Edit 600

SAM_3271 Edit 600

SAM_3272 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Kelley.

SAM_3273 Edit 600

SAM_3274 Edit 600

SAM_3275 Edit 600

SAM_3278 Edit 600

SAM_3280 Edit 600

SAM_3281 Edit 600

SAM_3283 Edit 600


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