A Priesthood Blessing for President Waddoups

Hey Famiglia!

So I’m loving training again.  Anziano Castillo is great.  We need more Filipino missionaries here in Italy…  We literally talk to SO many people from the Philippines, it’s crazy!  And they are all the nicest people.  Just the other day we were out contacting some people on the street, so we spotted a park and decided to head in there.  As we were walking in the park, we noticed a group of 6 or 7 Filipinos.  We went over and started talking with them, and it turns out that one of them was from the same city as Castillo.  And also, one of them had been to church twice already in the Philippines, and another one was looking for the Church of Christ but couldn’t find it here in Rome, and said he’d be willing to come to ours to give it a shot!  Super great.  And there’s been many moments like that with him already.  I need to learn Tagalog!  Anziano Castillo is getting better each day with English and Italian!

Things really are going well here.  We’ve been teaching and meeting lots of new people.  It’s been great.  We’re getting ready for the mission conference this week.  It’ll be fun, but it’s always a pain organizing where everyone is going to stay.  I’m super excited to be able to meet up with all of my old missionary friends and have a really awesome conference!  President Texiera will come to give us training and such.  Last year’s conference was SO cool, and I’m sure this one won’t be a let down!

This week while we were in the church in the evening, we ran into President Waddoups.  It was cool because he wasn’t feeling well and had a cold coming on, so he asked us for a blessing.  It was a little intimidating at first, but it was a cool experience.  Anziano Castillo anointed, and I sealed and gave the blessing.  The best part is that the next day he was all better!  It’s always such a special experience to be able to use the priesthood.  I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to use it on many occasions on my mission, and was able to help out other people.  Giving blessings is always one of the most powerful moments of when I can feel the Spirit.  The Spirit is so dominant and present during those moments that it never fails to amaze me.  They are always strong learning moments for me.

So it’s raining pretty good today, so hopefully we can have a good P-day without getting too wet.  Thanks for taking care of the BYU stuff for me, Mom!  Make sure that the class sign-ups don’t creep up on me… I don’t want to miss out on some of those opportunities.  I’m glad that it seems all in place.  I received the ward newsletter for March with the card.  Thanks a ton!  It was open when I got it, which wasn’t a huge shock, but whataya do… [I think they must go after the colored envelopes because the Halloween card I sent with $20 in it was in an orange envelope, and it just disappeared into thin air.  I’m not going to send anymore colored envelopes!  This one didn’t have any money in it, so I guess that’s why they went ahead and delivered it after they opened it.]

I hope all is well!  My computer’s little USB inputs aren’t working, so I might not be able to send any pictures today… 😦  Sorry!  That’s unfortunate.  I’m glad to hear that the Cougars made it to the tournament!  That’s super cool.  I’m excited to hear what happens.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

Since Craig wasn’t able to send pictures this week, I only have this one from Sister Waddoups’ blog.  She explained that it was taken when she and President Waddoups were asked to substitute for some sister missionaries in the beginning English class they teach. Some of the other missionaries teach more advanced classes, which is probably what Craig does.  At the end of the lessons, everyone met in the chapel for a spiritual thought, and President Waddoups had all of the missionaries come to the front.  He explained to the students why the missionaries teach these English classes and why they have left their families and education for two years to teach people in Italy about the church.  Craig is the one holding on to his backpack with both hands, and his new companion, Anziano Castillo, is the one with the red tie.  Click on the photo for a larger view.



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