A Successful Mission Conference

Hey Famiglia!

The mission conference that we had this week was super good.  I really enjoyed it a lot. President Texiera and his wife had lots of really good stuff for us about baptismal invites and talking to everyone.  It was cool seeing some new ideas for finding investigators and lots of good advice and suggestions.  I also got my 2-months-to-go packet at the conference on Thursday… Holy cow!  That’s so weird.  We had lots of missionaries passing into and out of Rome, so naturally, it was a bit chaotic.  The conference with Elder Bednar on the 28th of April is going to be even crazier!

We had a SUPER cool choir activity after the conference on Thursday.  I have some pictures of it.  We got A TON of phone numbers and contacts that evening.  It was very successful!  I really enjoyed it lots too.  I got to see lots of my old buddies in the mission, and say hi to them again.

Also, this Sunday the sisters had a baptism in our ward, and their investigator asked me to baptize her.  I again suggested that she have one of our members do it, but she was set on it. So I agreed, and it was a great experience!  I’m really grateful for the chances that I get to do a service like that.  The coolest part is that she’s from Venezuela!  Her name was Matilde Silva.  Maybe Elder Jones the 1st crossed paths with her family before! 🙂

We should be having a baptism or two of our own coming up here pretty soon, which will be really cool.  Me and Anziano Castillo are working really hard right now, and we’re pulling through with lots of new investigators this week and lots of work to do!  We’re very excited.  In our ward we’ve been having a solid 4 investigators showing up lately.  It’s been really fun, and the members like to see them!

Anyways… In other news… There’s not too much else going on.  We had a really cool visit with an inactive family last week who came to church for the first time in a year and a half.  They are super super nice.  I thought it was a really spiritual lesson.  We shared a really powerful message about prayer.  It turned out really good.  It’s fun seeing Anziano Castillo continue to learn Italian!  I really enjoy training him.  He’s super chill and a hard worker.

Sorry to hear about those Cougars going out in the first round!  Darn.  Sounds like it was close in the end.  I am excited to be able to watch another football season this time around!  I do miss catching those games every now and then, haha.  Next time around I’ll be there!

Today we went and played soccer with the other guys in our zone.  It was lots of fun.  We had a really good time.  It’s a bummer we only get to play soccer about once a transfer, but when it comes around, we go hard!  Hopefully none of the pictures I sent home are repeats… I tried my best to weed through them.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

SAM_3317 Edit 600

The Rome Temple under construction.

SAM_3320 Edit 600

SAM_3325 Edit 600

SAM_3326 Edit 600

These next several pictures were taken at Piazza Venezia in Rome.

SAM_3328 Edit 600

SAM_3329 Edit 600

SAM_3330 Edit 600

Anziano Line

SAM_3333 Edit 600

SAM_3335 Edit 600

SAM_3336 Edit 600

SAM_3337 Edit 600

SAM_3338 Edit 600

SAM_3341 Edit 600

SAM_3342 Edit 600

This picture from the mission conference came from Sister Waddoups’ blog.  Craig is towards the back in the middle of the picture.  Click photo for a larger view.

Craig with Sorella Anderson.

SAM_3349 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Bee.

SAM_3350 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Kelley.

SAM_3353 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Morgan.

SAM_3357 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano Line.

SAM_3366 Edit 600

The choir activity after the mission conference.

SAM_3367 Edit 600

SAM_3370 Edit 600

SAM_3377 Edit 600

SAM_3382 Edit 600

Anziano Castillo on the train.

SAM_3384 Edit 600

Craig with Matilde Silva before he baptized her.

SAM_3385 Edit 600

Craig, Matilde, and the sister missionaries who taught her.


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