Some Crazy Filipino Food

Hey Famiglia!

This week was pretty wet, but it sure was good!!  We found quite a few new investigators, which was really exciting.  We should have even more in the works too!  I felt a really big excitement this week about all that’s been going on with our investigators.  I’m really, really enjoying working here in Rome.  It is so awesome.  We did some exchanges this week with the other Elders here in Rome.  It was good.  We got to teach a little bit together, but we also had a good bit of time to do some tracting.

I had quite a few interesting street discussions this week too. They are kind of hard to explain, but lots of people have some really different ideas! Some were atheist, were happy being atheist, and didn’t care at all about there being a life after death.  Others were from Italian families with roots in Rome back over a thousand years.  Others were Buddhists.  This week we seemed to get a pretty diverse mix of answers than what we usually get.  Talking with everyone is tiring, but it’s the best!  And in the course of my mission, it’s fruited some pretty interesting experiences.

Anziano Castillo has been cooking me some pretty crazy Filipino food.  And it’s really, really good.  Haha.  One day he stuck an eggplant straight on the stove on top of the fire, burned off all of the skin, and peeled it off, then stuck it in some scrambled egg mixture and smashed it a little, then fried it.  It was called “torta.”  It was actually really good with the sauce he put on it as well!!  Haha.  He also made “lechon paksiw,” which was just some shredded chicken with some special sauce.  All these things you eat with sticky rice, which is really good.  Haha.  It’s become one of the major parts of our diet now.  Gone with the pasta!

That’s interesting that you have my flight plans now!  I have no idea who could be with me for parts of the journey, but I’d imagine that Anziano Kelley, Busdicker, Hatch, Stout, Duffin, Kiser, and a couple others will be on the plane with me.  If I remember right, they live in Utah as well.

We officially changed our clocks yesterday, so now we’re back to the 8 hour difference from Utah.  It’s AMAZING to have sunlight until 7:30/8!!  It is the BEST for missionary work.  People don’t seem as on edge, especially since we don’t generally wear jackets anymore.  I enjoy it lots.  I love the spring and summer!

Thank you a TON for the Easter present!  I think I might take Anziano Castillo out to dinner with it.  In the Philippines finances are a whole different thing.  The wages there for a general laborer are around $200 a month, if I remember right.  The cost of living is also respectively lower, but it still is not the same.  It is part of the reason why SO MANY come here to Italy for work.  There are tons and tons of immigrants here from the Philippines, which makes working with a Filipino that much more fun!

Well, time is winding down a little bit!  Haha.  This transfer is cruising on by.  I’m really hoping to end strong with a couple baptisms, and it looks like it will probably happen!  The question members ask me now is, “Anziano, ma sei trunky?”  (Are you trunky, Elder??)  I always respond firmly NO.

I just finished reading the book of John today in the New Testament.  After reading the Book of Mormon a few times, I wanted to go through the New Testament in more depth this time.  It was great!  I really love John because it has so many great doctrines outlined in it, especially some cool verses about the Holy Ghost in the final chapters.  Really cool promises were made by the Savior as well.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

The Tiber River in Rome

SAM_3396 Edit 600

SAM_3398 Edit 600

SAM_3404 Edit 600

These crepes were made by Sister Defranchi who is from France and did a year of pastry school.  Craig said they were “SO GOOD!!!”
SAM_3406 Edit 600

Some more Italian graffiti.  Did you know that the word “graffiti” is actually an Italian word?SAM_3407 Edit 600


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