Conference Talks on Marriage

Hey Famiglia!

This last week was awesome!  I really enjoyed General Conference, holy cow.  It was really good, and lots of fun.  We watched it in the church with all of the other missionaries.  I dunno if it’s just because I’m coming back soon, but it seemed to me that all the general authorities talked about was marriage, haha.  Maybe it’s because there’s like 30,000 missionaries about to finish their missions this summer.  Who knows!  Haha.  I really enjoyed all the talks.  The music was really good too.  I took lots of notes on all of them, and actually we’re gonna catch the rest of the talks tomorrow.

Easter we spent in the church, haha.  I was in the church from 10:30 to 8:30 on Sunday, and we caught all of the sessions and ate lunch in there.  I packed a couple sandwiches.  It was a good little marathon.  I got a little Easter basket from Sister Stevens in the office, and some more from Sister Sutton.  The office missionaries are SO great.  I’m so glad I got to meet all of them, and see what really goes on behind the scenes up here!  It’s a lot of work.

Yesterday we gave our house a good thorough spring cleaning.  It looks amazing now, haha.  I love having a nice clean house.  I’m going to be a lot neater of a person after my mission than I was before!  haha.

So I’ve got a TON of photos from this week and last week.  It’s kind of a double whammy because I didn’t send any last week since I emailed early that day.  Me and Anziano Castillo still haven’t had the chance to go out and eat yet, but we’ll have to do it soon.  We got invited for a FHE [family home evening] last night at a Filipino member’s house (the Lesano family), and it was also Brother Lesano’s birthday.  I had Filipino food coming out of my ears by the time we left, and literally a couple bags of it too, because they sent us away with a good bit.  There were so many spring rolls!!!!  Seriously hundreds.

This week me and Anziano Castillo are determined on getting a fresh baptismal date.  Right now we have all the names and all of the contacts we need from our finding efforts, but last week was really busy for all of them, and it was really hard to get appointments with them all.  We’re getting my LAST transfer call of the mission this Saturday!!! Holy cow.  That’s bizzarre.  I’m not overly anxious about it, because chances are I’ll probably stick with Anziano Castillo to finish training him.  I’m really excited.  We’ll have to see though!

This week we did a General Conference activity.  It was a chalk activity at the Spanish Steps advertising our General Conference.  It was actually a really good conversation starter.  People were really interested about the idea of a conference like this because they are pretty used to the idea of big gatherings with the Pope speaking to people.

We were teaching our golden investigator Eduardo [name has been changed] again this week (who can’t get baptized because he works for a disabled man almost 24/7 and can’t come to church) and we taught him about tithing.  As we were getting started explaining the principle of tithing, he chimed in, “I think it’s important to do it with a willing heart, too!  Not because we feel obliged!”  Haha.  He is so GOLD.  He loves everything we have to teach.  We are praying he can find a new job!!  He’s really tired of it himself.  We are searching for a miracle for him.  I’m sure we’ll get one!

Well, I’ve gotta run.  Randy’s bike looks super cool!!! Tell him congrats on it!

Anziano Jones

Note:  Craig wasn’t kidding when he said there were TONS of photos this week.  He sent me 127 of them, but I went through them and picked 50 of the best ones to post here on the blog.  He didn’t give me descriptions for any of them, but it appears that most were taken at various places around Rome.

SAM_3410 Edit 600

SAM_3413 Edit 600

SAM_3417 Edit 600

SAM_3422 Edit 600

SAM_3424 Edit 600

SAM_3425 Edit 600

SAM_3432 Edit 600

SAM_3437 Edit 600

SAM_3439 Edit 600

Craig with Anziano LineSAM_3441 edit 600

SAM_3452 Edit 600

SAM_3456 edit 600

SAM_3457 Edit 600

SAM_3458 Edit 600

SAM_3459 Edit 600

SAM_3460 Edit 600

SAM_3462 Edit 600

SAM_3464 Edit 600

SAM_3465 Edit 600

SAM_3466 Edit 600

SAM_3467 Edit 600

SAM_3469 Edit 600

SAM_3470 Edit 600

SAM_3471 Edit 600

Anziano Castillo and a sister missionary who looks like she is having a fabulous day!

SAM_3475 Edit 600

SAM_3478 Edit 600

SAM_3482 Edit 600

SAM_3487 Edit 600

SAM_3491 Edit 600

SAM_3493 Edit 600

SAM_3495 Edit 600

SAM_3498 Edit 600

SAM_3500 Edit 600

SAM_3525 Edit 600

Jonathan (a member), Anziano Line, and Craig

SAM_3526 Edit 600

SAM_3587 Edit 600

SAM_3595 Edit 600

I think it’s funny that he’s so excited about a can of root beer.

SAM_3601 Edit 600

This must be the feast prepared by the Lesano family.

SAM_3608 Edit 600

And I bet this cute little guy is the Lesano’s son.

SAM_3610 Edit 600

The rest of these pictures were taken today when the missionaries went to Castel Sant’ Angelo for P-day.  In English, the name is Castle of the Holy Angel.

SAM_3615 Edit 600

Craig and Anziano Line

SAM_3616 Edit 600

SAM_3617 Edit 600

SAM_3624 Edit 600

SAM_3625 Edit 600

Craig and his companion, Anziano Castillo.

SAM_3630 Edit 600

SAM_3633 Edit 600

SAM_3634 Edit 600

Craig and Anziano Castillo


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