A Little Mini Beard

Hey Famiglia!

It’s starting to get warmer and warmer over here! And first off, before I forget, I won’t be emailing again until next Thursday. Our P-day has been swapped because Elder Bednar will be coming on Tuesday for the training, and Monday we won’t have time for P-day because we’re going to be busy helping with travels and such.  Just a heads up so you’ll know not to expect to hear from me!

This week transfer went down. I got to see Anziano Barrow for a second!! He got transfered over to Terni.  Haha. It was fun to see him again. I’ll see him next Tuesday as well. Last P-day we went over to Villa Borghese again and rode bikes, so that’s where the pictures are from. It was sad saying goodbye to all of our buddies in the district, but we have lots of cool new people. Like I said last week though, 3 of us finish this transfer and 2 next transfer. We’re SUPER old!!

This transfer is going to be the best one yet! Me and Anziano Castillo are going to be finishing strong with a couple of baptisms, I know it! Today we are going to go play basketball and visit the Basilica of San Giovanni. It should be lots of fun. We actually are going to leave pretty soon, so I won’t have lots of time to email.

Sorry to hear about all the dirty rain! That’s too bad… I’m glad to hear Dax gave a good homecoming talk. Sheesh, I don’t even want to have to think about mine… So hard! I’ve never been the best storyteller either. 🙂

This week I accidentally realized I was more or less walking around with a little mini beard. We had to get up really early so that we could get over to the main station in Rome at 6:15 on Wednesday so that we could help out with all the transfers, and I had forgotten to shave. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t shave Tuesday either because I had just done it Monday night because of weird schedules.  So when I got to the stations, all of the greenies were kind of weirded out by me. They were like, “So this is what a real dying missionary is like…!!!” Some people even snapped a picture or two.  Haha. I can grow it pretty fast now!

[I asked Craig if he wanted me to put up a post on Facebook that he will be available to teach piano again soon.]  It could be a nice idea if you announced my piano teaching on Facebook. I’m not sure exactly how much it would fruit, but it could be worth a shot if you let people know for me, Mom. 🙂

Well, I’m really hoping to make the most of my personal studies this transfer as well. I really do love having this hour set apart for us to study and learn about the Gospel! It has been one of my favorite parts of the mission. It really is such a huge blessing. I really want to keep up my reading after my mission too. Although an hour a day will be tough, I will for sure be doing something.

I’ve been kicking it into top gear now for “Six weeks to Sexy.” I’m hoping to gain at least a good 8 pounds of muscle! Anziano Kelley convinced me to buy some protein powder as well, haha. He said he put on 5 pounds in a couple of weeks with it, and he didn’t even increase his work outs by much. It’s pretty funny because there are another 7 or 8 guys from my group doing the same thing, haha.

OH!  I was also hoping a few weeks after I get back you could host a little barbecue/Italy party for me and some of my mission buddies that live close by in Utah (Romano will be in Utah after June 18th.  He decided to do summer at BYU after all). I was hoping we could invite Kenney, Kelley, Line, Barrow, Romano, Busdicker, plus a couple more guys who live close by.  [Great idea, Craig!] We could roast up a bunch of hot dogs and you could get to meet them all. Let me know what you think! We’ve been talking about it. Plus we have foosball and ping-pong. Here in Italy, foosball is HUGE. Most churches have them, and often times district meetings will be followed by a quiet match or two… It’d be lots of fun. We’re also gonna be organzing some fun soccer games once we get back.

I’ve gotta go for now.

Anziano Jones

SAM_3646 Edit 600

These first seven pictures were taken on Sunday last week when the missionaries were at Piazza Navona.  SAM_3647 Edit 600

SAM_3648 Edit 600

SAM_3649 Edit 600

SAM_3651 Edit 600

SAM_3652 Edit 600

SAM_3653 Edit 600

SAM_3654 Edit 600

This photo and the next five were all taken on P-day last week when the missionaries went bike riding around the gardens of Villa Borghese.

SAM_3655 Edit 600

That’s Anziano Line in the back and a couple of sister missionaries on the right.

SAM_3656 Edit 600

SAM_3657 Edit 600

SAM_3658 Edit 600

A turtle family.

SAM_3659 Edit 600

SAM_3662 Edit 600

Is that really my son?

SAM_3672 Edit 600

That is the Piazza del Popolo, and these next several photos were also taken on P-day last week.

SAM_3664 Edit 600

SAM_3665 Edit 600

Anziano Line with Craig.SAM_3668 Edit 600

SAM_3671 Edit 600

SAM_3674 Edit 600

Left to right: Anziani Hatch, Line, Jones, Alvey, Brandon, and Castillo.

SAM_3677 Edit 600

Those same six guys with the sister missionaries.

SAM_3688 Edit 600Yummy!


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