Conference with Elder Bednar

Hey Famiglia!

So the conference with Elder Bednar was FANTASTIC.  Oh my goodness was it so great.  First off, it was really great to get to see all of my buddies again for one last time…  Most of my buddies are already done, or will be finishing really soon.  I really enjoyed it.  Also, being in the presence of Elder Bednar was so great.  I felt pretty dumb because I was assigned as the pianist, so while I was playing prelude for everyone, he walked in, and we all immediately stood up to show respect.  So out of reflex, I immediately jumped off the bench to follow suit, and then I realized I had stopped playing.  Then I wasn’t sure what to do until Sister Waddoups walked past me and out of the corner of her mouth whispered, “Keep playing!!”  So I did.  Haha.

It was so cool to learn from him.  He had so many good counsels and advice.  And yep, sure enough he talked a lot about marriage and dating after the mission, haha.  I kind of had a feeling it was coming, seeing as like half of our mission finishes this summer, especially after hearing all of the General Conference talks.  Most of the time it was us making comments and him responding, and then we even had an open session for asking questions.  We talked a little bit about the iPads that are coming, but primarily about lots of other things regarding the work. I might actually end up getting to use one after all… We’ll see!  They’re coming soon.

It was really interesting.  I can say that my testimony of living prophets and apostles was really strengthened.  I got to pass by to shake his hand after the conference!  I said something like, “Thanks… nice-meet-hi-you” or something like that…  Oh well.  He really is SO intelligent and SUPER sharp.  His answers were all really instructive and very inspired..  It was really interesting to see him interact with all of the missionaries’ responses.  He actually is a pretty funny guy, too.

So I went ahead and uploaded my application for Sports Authority today.  Hopefully it went through alright!  Thank you SO much for the help on my resume!  It looked pretty good!  We went to Castle Sant’Angelo today.  It was a little pricey to get in, but it was cool!  I took quite a few pictures in there.  The only down side was that after we got SOAKED at the conference (we trekked out in the rain for a couple days…) I’ve got a pretty pesky sore throat coming on… Sheesh.  No fun.

I’m actually really excited for the Skype coming up!  I think we can plan on doing it that same Sunday (the 10th) at around 4 pm here in Italy (8 am US).  Let me know what you think!  Hopefully our Internet point will be open…  I’ll have to find out how people Skype over here in Rome. Maybe I’ll even have an iPad to do it with by then!

[I received a Facebook message from Salvatore, the guy in Italy who was about to become a Catholic priest when he met the missionaries and converted to Mormonism.  He is coming to Provo this summer to attend a seminar at BYU.]  Thanks for responding to Salvatore’s message!  That’s really really cool he’s having the opportunity to come to Utah this summer.  I’m really excited that we will get to have him over!!  This is a huge opportunity for him.  He really was so charitable towards all the missionaries and fed us ALL the time and helped us out with rides and teaching lessons.  He was almost the third member of our companionship.  I’m glad we’ll get to help him out a little in return!

Well… I’ll be writing again on Monday.  Tomorrow I’ll be able to say, “I go home this month!!”  So weird.  I’m starting to go on another little spending splurge right now… I want to make sure I pick up lots of souvenirs so I have at least a little something for everyone.  Plus I’d like to get a few more street clothes for back in the US.  Dab, I don’t think an Italian ceramic little bear is going to be possible, I’ve looked and looked, but I’ll for sure have something good coming your way! 😉

If you have any final requests, be sure to let me know! Ciao!

Anziano Jones

SAM_3743 Edit 600

An investigator and his friend Antonella, who is a member.

SAM_3744 Edit 600

The rest of the photos were all taken today when the missionaries went to Castle Sant’Angelo for their P-day.

SAM_3747 Edit 600

SAM_3750 Edit 600

SAM_3751 Edit 600

SAM_3752 Edit 600

SAM_3756 Edit 600

SAM_3757 Edit 600

SAM_3760 Edit 600

SAM_3761 Edit 600

SAM_3763 Edit 600

SAM_3764 Edit 600

SAM_3766 Edit 600

SAM_3767 Edit 600

SAM_3769 Edit 600

SAM_3770 Edit 600

SAM_3771 Edit 600

SAM_3772 Edit 600

SAM_3774 Edit 600

SAM_3775 Edit 600

SAM_3776 Edit 600

SAM_3777 Edit 600

SAM_3778 Edit 600

SAM_3779 Edit 600

SAM_3784 Edit 600

SAM_3785 Edit 600

SAM_3786 Edit 600

To see larger views of the following two panoramic photos, just click on the pictures.



SAM_3792 Edit 600

SAM_3793 Edit 600

SAM_3794 Edit 600

SAM_3798 Edit 600

SAM_3802 Edit 600

SAM_3805 Edit 600

SAM_3807 Edit 600

SAM_3809 Edit 600

SAM_3814 Edit 600

SAM_3818 Edit 600

SAM_3820 Edit 600


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