Sickness Strikes the District

Hey Famiglia!

Since I last e-mailed you on Thursday, not much has happened because I got absolutely DESTROYED by a pretty nasty sore throat and fever… No fun… I definitely got it from one of the other Elders in our district, and it got passed around to just about everyone in our district, including the sisters… My goodness though.  We had to stay in Thursday evening and miss out on our ward barbecue on Friday for Labor Day and the appointments we had that day.  Then Saturday I felt good enough to work, but then Sunday after church and a pranzo [lunch] appointment, I felt awful again and we had to go back to rest.  Luckily today I feel a bit better.  What a drag though!  I’m just glad I was sick now, because that means I’ll probably be doing pretty dang good for a while once I get home. 🙂

Today we went to the Basilica di San Paolo, which was awesome.  We saw the tomb where Paul was supposedly laid to rest, and some chains that held him prisoner.  How cool is that?  I took lots of pictures while we were there.

Well, Skype should be good for Sunday.  I may end up at an Internet point, but we’ll have to see how things work out…  I hope not!  I’d prefer not to go to an Internet point, but I’m really excited for it!

I’m glad you’re doing better Mom!  That’s really awesome.  We have lots of fun stuff coming up, so it’ll be important for you to be feeling well for it!  Also, I’m glad you’ve gotten in touch with Salvatore.  It will be fun to see him in Utah.  That was seriously his dream to be able to come!  By the way a large shirt would probably be best for the picture.

I’m pretty jealous you got to go to Ky Raymond’s reception!  That’s super exciting.  They look really good together.

I’m bummed out I didn’t get to see the T-bird in person, but it sounds like it has a good home now.

As for the get-together on the 31st, don’t worry about having too many over. Also just a relaxed little get-together would be nice.  By the way, will I have an assigned topic?  If so, it’d be good to know so I can maybe throw some thoughts together beforehand… Let me know!

Well, I think I’ve addressed almost everything you’ve asked me so…

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

Mission Conference 1

This photo was taken last week at the Technology Mission Conference with Elder Bednar. All of the missionaries from the entire mission were in attendance.  Craig and several of his good friends and former companions are on the first two rows.  Click photo for a larger view.

Mission Conference 2

The meeting was held at a hotel in Rome.  That is Elder Bednar at the podium.

Mission Conference 4

Craig’s friend, Ben Barrow is on the left.

Mission Conference 5

President Waddoups at the podium.

Mission Conference 6

Mission Conference 7

Mission Conference 8

Mission Conference 9

Mission Conference 10

Mission Conference 11

SAM_3833 Edit 600

The rest of the pictures on this post were all taken today when the missionaries went to Basilica di San Paolo for their P-day.

SAM_3841 Edit 600

SAM_3843 Edit 600

SAM_3844 Edit 600

SAM_3846 Edit 600

SAM_3848 Edit 600

SAM_3853 Edit 600

SAM_3857 Edit 600

SAM_3859 Edit 600

SAM_3860 Edit 600

SAM_3863 Edit 600

SAM_3864 Edit 600

SAM_3866 Edit 600

SAM_3867 Edit 600

SAM_3869 Edit 600

SAM_3870 Edit 600

SAM_3872 Edit 600

SAM_3876 Edit 600

SAM_3878 Edit 600

SAM_3879 Edit 600

SAM_3880 Edit 600

SAM_3881 Edit 600

SAM_3882 Edit 600

SAM_3883 Edit 600

SAM_3884 Edit 600

SAM_3885 Edit 600

SAM_3886 Edit 600

SAM_3887 Edit 600

SAM_3888 Edit 600

SAM_3889 Edit 600

SAM_3891 Edit 600

SAM_3892 Edit 600

SAM_3893 Edit 600

SAM_3894 Edit 600

SAM_3895 Edit 600

SAM_3896 Edit 600

SAM_3897 Edit 600

SAM_3899 Edit 600


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