Final Soccer Match

Hey Famiglia!

So unfortunately in our final soccer tournament, we took 3rd place… of 4.  So, not so hot, but… it was lots of fun!  My toe got DESTROYED.  I kicked Anziano Palazzo (6’3″ and like 240 pounds of muscle Texan football player) as hard as I could on his foot that he was pivoting on.  The result was a purple toe… My guess is that the nail is gonna be a goner pretty soon… Oh well.  I’m still mobile, which is good!  The victory we had for 3rd was against Anziano Line’s team.  I had a header in the last 30 seconds to seal the deal, haha.  It was really awkward, because there was a sky ball pretty close to their goal, so I jumped up and headed a rainbow that seemed to float for at least 10 seconds.  It was probably the slowest goal made of the day, but it went in!  That was a great way to end my soccer career in Rome…

I really enjoyed the Skype.  Just as I reflected on it, I would REALLY REALLY like to be released Tuesday night if at all possible even if it’s around 10, because waiting until Wednesday seems less than pleasing to me.  Let me know what he says!  It was interesting because President Bunting said that by the time I got back from my mission, there was the chance of him no longer being stake president because he’s been serving in that calling for so long.  And lo and behold, he’s still there!  That makes me really happy though because he’s such an amazing guy.

Well, other than limping around a little bit for now, things aren’t going too shabby.  We’re getting ready for Nabil’s baptism this Saturday.  I’m so happy that I’ll get to go out like this.  It’ll be a great way to finish up the mission!  I’ve been really blessed with the success I’ve been able to see in my mission.  I’m so grateful for every person I’ve been able to teach and help grow closer to Christ.  That’s what it’s all about, in the end.  There have been a lot of sacrifices in coming out here, but I know it will all be worth it.  It has already been worth it.  I’ve looked back at the person I was before my mission and who I’ve become out here, and I’m really happy and grateful for what I am able to see.  I just can’t describe it all.  I hope you’ll be able to see the changes in me after I’m home!

That’s about it for this week.  Next week will be the last time I do a full e-mail!!  Wahoo!!  I’m excited about that.  So let me know any last details you want me to fill in, otherwise you’ll have to wait!

Anziano Jones

SAM_3900 Edit 600

This photo is of a gesso (chalk activity) that the missionaries did.  The map was drawn by one of the sister missionaries.


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